Welcome to NOND Job Board

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The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities Job Board is available to employers, recruiters, human resource professionals and other corporate representatives that want to hire nurses with disabilities into their workforce.

The Good News is that NOND has a Job Board Manager that you may contact at any time if you have questions at nondjobboard@gmail.com. Only communication between employers and the Job Board Manager are included in this email account, which has been set up to provide better customer service.


If you join NOND as a Corporate Sponsor – $200.00 per year – you may add as many job posts as you want during that year for $75.00 per post.

Corporate Sponsor renewing a job post costs $50.00.

If you are a Non-Corporate Partner, the cost to post a job is $150.00 per post. Renewing a post costs $75.00.

Your job post will remain on the NOND Job Board for 60 days.

Your post will be limited to 1000 characters. You need to include your website URL so job seekers may visit your website to obtain any additional information.
You will receive a reminder when your job post is close to the 60 day expiration date so you may renew if the position has not been filled. The Job Board Manger will send a request along with a renewal form, which you need to return to the Manager. Go to the www.nond.org website, and click on Join NOND and pay the renewal fee.
Please note that included on your Job Post form is a check box to indicate if the job position is a telecommuting position.

The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities is highly motivated to provide the best customer service to employers. Since we have just set up the new Job Board post application and renewal process, your feedback is important.

It is important to note that once you have submitted your job post and provided payment, NOND will wait to receive confirmation that the payment has been received. The Job Board Manager will review your job post and once notified that payment was received, she will approve the post and the job post will be automatically posted on to the NOND Job Board.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Job Board Manager at nondjobboard@gmail.com.