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By Karen McCulloh


Nothing About US Without Us! 

NOND’s Advocacy Efforts

NOND is an all-volunteer grass roots organization, and it is the members of the NOND Board of Directors that accomplish the operational and programmatic work for the organization.  No Director receives any salary or reimbursement for any type of advocacy where NOND is involved nor does NOND have staff that assists the organization.

NOND will focus on what our organization is accomplishing and on some activities where Internet visitors may not be aware.

Since February 2017, NOND has advocated nationally on healthcare insurance to include pre-existing conditions, and that care is available for persons with disabilities, children, families and older adults, and that Home Care Based Long Term Services continue so that people may remain in their homes and not face potential institutionalization.

NOND contacted by Email 40 different states’ Chief of Staff of members of the US House of Representatives to oppose the Better Care Reconciliation Act.  This bill did not pass but it was understood that at some time in the future the House members would work to defeat the Affordable Care Act.

NOND also opposed H.R. 620, the Americans with Disabilities Education and Reform Act which NOND believes could begin a downward spiral of ADA.

H.R. 620 was approved in February 2018 by the US House of Representatives as a bill; it is not a law.  In response to this approval, NOND sent a letter to all 50 States to Chief of Staff of US Senators in Congress requesting as stated in the letter…… The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities strongly appeals to and urges members of the US Senate to not permit HR 620 to become a law.  If passed into law, this bill would create significant barriers for people with disabilities to enforce their rights under Title III of the ADA to access public accommodations.  NOND also believes that if passed, this law would represent the commencement of efforts by elected officials and businesses to undermine the Americans with Disabilities Act and diminish the civil rights of millions of Americans with disabilities. 

News Flash

NOND presents at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, “Welcoming Nurses with Disabilities Into the Workplace” on December 3, 2018.

Parul Arora, NOND Director and Peter Berg from the Great Lakes ADA Regional Center addressed “What is Possible for Nurses with Disabilities,” and the provision of accommodations under the ADA for nurses with disabilities.  CEUS were provided.


News Flash

On October 24, 2018, NOND was inducted into the Class of 2018 Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame during a national webinar sponsored by Partners for Youth with Disabilities and the National Mentoring Coalition,

A celebration will be held in Washington, DC on January 29, 2019 to recognize representatives of the Class of 2018.


News Flash

On October 24, 2018, NOND’s President Karen McCulloh presented as one of four speakers for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living (ACL) webinar, conducted on October 24, 2018 in observance of National Disability Employment Awareness month.  The title of the webinar was Medical Professionals with Disabilities.  Slides for PPT available:

Medical Professionals with Disabilities: October 24, 2018


The Guide to Assisting Students With Disabilities Equal Access in Health Science and Professional Education

NOND recommends this guide for faculty training. ___________________________________________________________

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Successful Completion of Anesthesia Residency: A Case Report

Cognitive and physical disabilities among anesthesia residents are not well studied. Cognitive disabilities may often go undiagnosed among trainees, and these trainees may be struggling.


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