What We Do

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NOND promotes equity for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions in nursing through education and advocacy.

NOND’s Mission

NOND is an open membership, cross-disability, professional organization that works to promote equity for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions in nursing through education and advocacy by:

  • Promoting best practices in education and employment,

  • Providing resources to parents, individuals, nursing and disability organizations, disability service providers, researchers, and educational and healthcare institutions and employers,

  • Influencing the provision of culturally responsive nursing practice,

  • Advocating on policy that impacts nurses with disabilities, our patients, children, families and older adults within the disability community, and

  • Creating systemic improvements and change.

NOND’s Vision

NOND is the Voice of Disability in Nursing

As the Voice of Disability in Nursing, NOND works with:

  • Youth and students of all ages with disabilities,

  • Nursing programs, nurse educators, and nursing organizations,

  • Disability Services Professionals,

  • Nurses who develop disability or chronic health conditions after receiving their license,

  • Employers within healthcare industries, recruiters, and for-profit  corporations,

  • Boards of Nursing/Professional Regulations,

  • People with disabilities who are or want to pursue careers in other allied healthcare fields, and

  • Partners with other nonprofit organizations that have similar objectives as NOND, to increase networking and build capacity.

NOND Values

  • “Nothing About Us Without us!”

  • The experiences, cultures, abilities, and rights of people with disabilities.

  • History, practice, and service of the nursing profession.

  • Empowerment and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities and those within the nursing profession.

  • Full inclusion of people with disabilities to access education, employment, housing, and to live in the community of choice just like people with no disabilities.

  • Disability Pride.

  • The contributions that nurses and other healthcare professionals with disabilities are making to transform their practice and the provision of patient care.


  • NOND provides Information and Referral (I&R), resources and support to our constituents via email or telephone.

Contact NOND2003@gmail.com to request assistance.

  • Works to educate about barriers that impact the acceptance of people with disabilities entering healthcare careers, and those that want to remain in healthcare after becoming disabled.

  • Conducts presentations on a local, state and national level—Contact NOND2003@gmail.com to discuss presentation requests.  Connects with local communities in cooperative experiences to promote the inclusion of students and nurses with disabilities in the nursing profession.

  • Publishes articles.

  • Provides information on NOND website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Provides a NOND Nurses Listserv that assists NOND in staying connected nationally which provides all types of information as well as requests for advocacy of members on policy negatively impacting our community.

To Subscribe to NOND LISTSERV:

Step 1:   Address your email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU   

Step 2:  In the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE NOND Jane Doe (Note. Replace “Jane Doe” with your first and last name.)

To Get Help with the NOND Listserv: Address all questions and concerns regarding the listserv to NOND2003@gmail.com.

  • Partners with other disability nonprofit organizations as part of a coalition to discuss and share issues associated with policy that can have a negative impact on the disability community.

  • Has established a partnership with Partners Healthcare, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Opposes the Fair Labor Standards Act Section 14(c) that permits employers to obtain an employer certificate from the US Dept. of Labor to pay subminimum wages to some people with disabilities.

  • Developed a statement that Opposes Physician Assisted Suicide.

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NOND works to promote equity for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions in nursing through education and advocacy.