Who We Are

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The NOND Board of Directors is comprised of at least 60% people with disabilities and the majority of nurses on the board have disabilities that are representative of the cross-disability community.


The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities (NOND) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003 and incorporated in the State of Illinois. IRS tax exemption established in December 2003. Tax ID 20-0475819

The NOND Board of Directors must be represented by 60% people with disabilities where the majority are nurses with chronic health conditions or disability.

NOND represents people with disabilities and chronic health conditions who are students, nurses and other healthcare professionals. We represent the only minority where anyone can enter at any time due to illness, accident or injury. NOND represents people of all races, nationalities, gender, religions, sexual orientation and ages. We are intergenerational healthcare professionals that provide services to members of the aging workforce of nurses who may become disabled after receiving their license and where the incidence of disability and chronic health conditions increase with age.

Facts About NOND

  • NOND is celebrating its 15th Anniversary during 2018.
  • NOND does not have any paid staff.
  • NOND Directors assume the leadership, operational and programmatic responsibilities for the organization.
  • NOND has had strong leadership with only two persons serving as President since its inception up and through 2018.
  • NOND Directors, the majority of whom are employed full time work within the healthcare or social service sector.
  • NOND Directors are geographically dispersed and contribute their personal time and resources to fulfill their responsibilities on behalf of NOND.
  • NOND Directors Join NOND as members and are financial donors.

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