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Open the Door, Get ‘Em a Locker: Educating Nursing Students with Disabilities

This documentary film produced by Bronwynne Evans, RN, PhD and Beth Marks, RN, PhD chronicles the experience of a nursing student who entered a baccalaureate program using a wheelchair. The 23 minute film provides a forum for the voices of nursing students, faculty, administrators, and agency nursing staff to discuss trials and triumphs encountered during this experience. It is a real life example of the exploration of roles and responsibilities in nursing education, experiential learning, shifting perspectives, and being a part of old ways turning into new ways in the world of nursing.

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Eileen “Leenie” Quinn, NOND Director has responded to numerous requests that came to NOND on how to administer intramuscular, subcutaneous injections, and starting an IV with one hand. 

Starting IV’s with one hand:  

Administration of IM Injection with one hand: 

Administration of S/Q injection with one hand: